Discover Your Premier Aesthetic Partners

Discover Your Premier Aesthetic Partners

The Roosevelt Center for Aesthetics and Cosmetics provides an experience unlike any other. Completely catered to you, our team of experts will develop an individualized and personalized treatment plan. This plan will be completed after an assessment of your needs is performed. Our goal is to provide you with our highest level of expertise to create the aesthetically pleasing look you desire. You should feel as good as you look, and the Roosevelt Center is here to assist you in accomplishing that.

Services We Offer

To discover more about what we offer, take a look at the different types of services we offer and what each service entails.

What to Expect During the Process


Free Consultation

Begin your journey with a needs assessment that will provide an individualized treatment plan.

Patient Treatment

A comprehensive experience that allows you to feel safe and comfortable with the care of our experts.

Aftercare & Followup

Schedule a follow up appointment for our team to highlight your before & after glow up.

Continued Support

An ongoing journey that provides patients with continued support throughout their experience.

Discover More About the Roosevelt Center

Our team of experts cater to one patient at a time, creating a unique experience from start to finish. Beginning at the initial consultation and ending with continued support, our team dedicates their professionalism to create an individualized experience for you that is like no other. We are offering our expertise in face, injectables, skin, body, hair restoration, hormone replacement therapy, wellness and more. If you are looking to achieve that “perfect look”, be sure to schedule your individualized plan with one of our experts at the Roosevelt Center today.


Discover Your Premier Aesthetic Partners

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