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Preparing for Summer with Nutrition & Personal Training

This summer, prepare to have your body toned, tan, and fit with our nutrition and personal training services. With this season being just around the corner, continue reading to discover the services we provide to have you looking & feeling your best. IV Vitamin Nutrition IV vitamin infusions are used by many people to supplement

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testosterone replacement therapy

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy is a medication that contains hormones to replace the estrogen that your body discontinues during menopause. But, did you know we offer Testosterone Replacement Therapy as well? Discover more about each of these therapies below to increase your knowledge and understanding.   Learn More About Hormone Replacement Therapy The replacement of natural

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benefits of a facial

Benefits of a Facial

If you’ve ever gotten a facial before, you know that the immediate feeling of soft, supple skin is implemented the second you finish your treatment. Facials can come in many different forms and styles, so be sure to discover all that there is to offer! At the Roosevelt Center, we offer many different facial treatments.

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How Peptides Work

A peptide is a molecule produced by your body. Essentially, amino acids are the “building blocks” of proteins. However, peptides don’t contain as many amino acids as proteins do. Some peptides are used in medications, treating mild to severe illnesses. Studies have also discovered that specific types of peptides can have benefits for your weight,

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nutrition and weight loss program

Looking for Help with Nutrition & Weight Loss?

Are you struggling to find a diet plan that allows you to work flexibly with your day-to-day activities? The nutrition and weight loss programs and services that we offer here at the Roosevelt Center for Aesthetics and Cosmetics in North Andover, MA can beneficially change your lifestyle. Continue reading to discover more about what we

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fat and cellulite reduction

What is Body Non-Surgical Contouring?

Body contouring is something relatively new as technology has advanced throughout the years. With the assistance from this radiofrequency technology, this has completely changed the way non-surgical aesthetic procedures can be performed. To learn more about this, continue reading below. The Process Non-invasive body contouring is a procedure that uses specialized equipment to reduce circumference,

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