How to Part Your Hair According to Your Face Shape

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How to Part Your Hair According to Your Face Shape

You should use your knowledge about your face shape when choosing hair parts. We have compiled a list of the most flattering hair parts for your face shape based on professional opinions and advice. You can elongate your features, highlight your cheekbones, soften sharp angles, and more by simply changing your part. Discover how the different components can flatter each type of face shape by reading below.

Round: Middle or Deep Side Part

You should part your hair down the middle or on the side of your face is round. Your face will appear symmetrical when both of these parts are used to give the illusion of length. Don’t layer your hair too much when you have a round face; keep it to the point of slimming the face.

Square: Side Part With Bangs

Those with square faces will benefit from a side-swept part with bangs or a swoop to add softness. Make your features longer with a deeper side part. Side parts are suitable for straight sides of the face since they are commonly deep and refined. You don’t want to make a square look appear to be too angular, so don’t go too deep. Allow your bangs to offset your angled jawline by exposing just enough skin on your forehead.

Oval: Any Part

A person with an oval face shape can wear any part. Oval faces are generally the easiest to style, since deep side, middle, and side-swept styles all work well with this shape. The oval face can allow you to experiment with a middle, side, or deep part. Play around with your hair and mix things up if you have an oval-shaped face.

Heart: Deep Side Part

If you have a heart-shaped face, a deep side part will help break up your chin line. It will also soften your cheekbones. Creating a side part is as simple as parting your wet hair while wet, then applying a styling gel to hold your new side part in place. If you would like to emphasize the features of your face, try a half-up, half-down look.

Diamond: Side Part – No Bangs!

Those with diamond-shaped faces should stay away from short bangs. Stick to what looks best, which is a side part. A side part can complement your bone structure, whereas bangs take away from these features. Shorter hairstyles typically look the best since this face shape consists of smaller foreheads. Anything that’s overly long or dramatic can overshadow your face.

Oblong: Bangs or Middle Part

When it comes to oblong faces, a middle part is ideal. This style incorporates the illusion of roundness to an oblong face. Bangs can also help achieve this long as they shorten the length of your oblong face shape. Ask for a haircut with layers to bring out your cheekbones and strong jawline the next time you go to get your hair done.

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