Meet Roosevelt Lewis III, C-NP

Roosevelt Lewis III, a highly esteemed healthcare professional, epitomizes a steadfast dedication to the world of aesthetic enhancement. As the visionary Founder of the Roosevelt Center, he leads a team of exceptionally skilled professionals who share an unwavering commitment to bringing your aesthetic dreams to life. With an impressive list of credentials, including an MPA, MSN, PMHNP-BC, and C-NP, Roosevelt’s journey to excellence was forged through years of experience, including a distinguished tenure at Unitas Healthcare Systems.

Roosevelt Lewis III stands as an icon of expertise and innovation, renowned not only for his prominent stature in the medical field but also for his pioneering role in developing The Roosevelt Protocol. This groundbreaking protocol, conceived and championed by Roosevelt, exemplifies his trailblazing approach to merging medical proficiency with aesthetic artistry. Under his visionary leadership, he ensures that every individual who seeks transformation at the Roosevelt Center receives care that is guided by unparalleled expertise and infused with a touch of innovation. With Roosevelt Lewis III at the helm, the Roosevelt Center is a beacon of excellence, where your aesthetic aspirations are nurtured, elevated, and realized like nowhere else.