Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction occurs when there is a problem that prevents you from enjoying or wanting sexual actility. Sexual dysfunction can happen to all ages and genders. Some common causes of sexual dysfunction include: past sexual trauma, poor mental health, heart disease and other cardiovascular disorders, substance use, diabetes and certain medications.


PT 141 Treatments

PT 141 which is also called Bremelanotide, is a peptide that helps treat sexual dysfunction in both women and men. PT 141 is used to help increase sexual desire in both sexes without some of the side effects of Sildenafil or Tadalafil in men.



Known as the love hormone, oxytocin is extremely powerful, playing a significant role in human behavior, including recognition, sexual arousal and confidence. This hormone is dramatically stimulated during sex. Has an anxiolytic-like effect and stimulates various types of positive social interaction. Increases the intensity of orgasm in men and women.Fidelity, according to studies, the stimulation of the hormone during love relationships makes people not feel attracted to other individuals who are not their partners. Improve on sleep and stress.


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