The Roosevelt Center’s protocols, spearheaded by the visionary Master Injector Roosevelt Lewis III, encompass a range of exclusive procedures designed to enhance both body and facial aesthetics. The Abdominal Definition Protocol leverages cutting-edge amino acids produced in the USA, harnessing the body’s natural muscle-building potential to sculpt and define abdominal muscles. Similarly, the Gluteal Harmonization Protocol, an artistic creation of Roosevelt Lewis III, focuses on non-surgical techniques to achieve balanced and attractive buttock contours. To combat arm flaccidity, we offer a tailored protocol utilizing Venus Concept technology and the power of amino acids to accelerate collagen production. For those embarking on a weight loss journey, our exclusive program, backed by the esteemed Roosevelt Protocol, delivers personalized, science-based strategies for sustainable results. In the realm of facial rejuvenation, we emphasize non-invasive treatments, eschewing fillers and Botox to enhance your unique features while diminishing visible signs of aging. At The Roosevelt Center, our protocols redefine beauty through innovation, customization, and a commitment to holistic wellness.