What is PRP Hair Restoration?

PRP Hair Restoration

What is PRP Hair Restoration?

Have you heard of hair restoration? What does “PRP” stand for? These questions about the procedure to increase hair growth will be answered below. Continue reading to discover more about how PRP Hair Restoration can assist you or a loved one today.


What Does “PRP” Stand For?

PRP, otherwise known as Platelet Rich Plasma, harnesses the power of growth factors found in your blood plasma. This is a minor procedure, where a small amount of blood is drawn and then spun in a centrifuge, separating the platelets from the red blood cells. It can be injected topically to increase the overall growth factors naturally. PRP can improve many different factors, including hair regeneration, skin regeneration, smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles, decreased pore size, reduced pigmentation, reduced stretch marks, and scar reduction.


What is the Hair Restoration Process For Utilizing PRP Techniques?

Here at the Roosevelt Center for Aesthetics and Cosmetics, we have a proven method for utilizing PRP Hair Restoration. PRP for hair loss is a non-surgical procedure that uses a patient’s growth factors from the patient’s blood to trigger the growth of hair follicles. The platelet-rich plasma then is injected back into the scalp using one of two procedures:

  • Subdermal: PRP is injected into the subcutaneous fat layer of the scalp using a longer needle with fewer injections; or,
  • Dermal: PRP is injected into the scalp into the dermal layer using a shorter needle and a higher number of injections.


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If you’re interested in receiving PRP Hair Restoration, the Roosevelt Center in North Andover, MA, is here to assist. Get started with your PRP Hair Restoration treatment today by contacting us. You can reach us by calling 781-205-0974 or book your appointment online here. We look forward to working with you soon. 

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